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"r" Rosé v. X

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Using grapes from our prestigious vineyards, we artfully blend to obtain an elegant, complex and balanced wine with pure and vibrant flavors. “r” then receives the same care and handling as our great Chardonnays, barrel-aged in French oak to intensify aromas and harmonize this unique blend.

91 Points Wine Enthusiast
90 Points International Wine Report

Tasting Notes:

“r” is a delicate rosé artfully blended to achieve a graceful balance of freshness and depth of flavor along with an array of exotic fruit characters.  On approach, exciting aromas of lilacs and lychee spring from the glass.  Flavors of candied citrus and strawberry confection envelope the palate.  Dry, with crisp, soft edges, the mid-palate is round and inviting. The finish is quite expressive with persistent rose water and lavender notes. Version X is a complex rosé built with opulent intentions. 

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