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Saturday 02/03/2024 @ 1:00pm Beyond the Bottle: Jerusalem Hill Evolution

The Clubhouse at Domaine Serene

Domaine Serene Jerusalem Hill Vineyard

Date: February 3

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

  • Location: The Clubhouse at Domaine Serene
  • Address: 6555 NE Hilltop Lane, Dayton, Oregon, 97114
  • Phone: 503.864.4600
  • Email:

Nestled 16 miles south of the Dundee Hills, our Jerusalem Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir emerges from the heart of the Eola-Amity winegrowing region. This unique vineyard, positioned at our lowest elevation, unveils a narrative rooted in the depths of time.

Domaine Serene's Jerusalem Hill Vineyard is an extraordinary testament to the enduring legacy of the Missoula Floods, which sculpted the landscape some 13,000 to 15,000 years ago. Rich Woodburn sedimentary soils, deposited into the valley during these ancient floods, have cultivated an environment that imparts unparalleled character and complexity to our Pinot Noir.

Join us for a sommelier-guided tasting as you experience the nuances from each vintage from this vineyard, sharing insights into the winemaking process, terroir, and the unique story behind every bottle.


2005 Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir

2008 Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir

2009 Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir

2010 Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir

2012 Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir

2014 Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir

2015 Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir

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